Eco-Adventure Tours

Night Walks

Discover the wonderful forests of the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges by night. Walk under the world’s tallest flowering plants, Mountain Ash eucalypts, and see the world’s largest gliding possum, the Greater Glider. Each season has its surprises, and we discuss current and past uses of the land as well as the flora and fauna of the area. Our Badger Weir site is suitable for those with wheelchairs or mobility constraints.

Nature Walks

Explore the forests by day, and discover the amazing birdlife of the region. Winter is the breeding time for Superb Lyrebirds, and the best time to see and hear them. Colourful parrots, delicate honeyeaters, cryptic wallabies and amazing plant life delight the senses at all times of the year.

School Educational Excursions

We specialise in educational tours for school groups, and offer sessions on sustainability, use of water resources, and biodiversity to suit the Australian Curriculum. Tours of water treatment plants are available, as well as incursions to discover the natural wonders of your school grounds.

Conference or Group Tours 

If you have a conference visiting the region, or your group has a special interest, we can develop tours to suit your needs.