Kurth Kiln Regional Park

Length: 20 Kilometres
Time: 2.5hrs (horse riding)
Grade: Easy
Track: Mostly on management vehicle tracks closed to four wheel drives and trailbikes
Start: Beenak Road, Gembrook
Finish: Beenak Road, Gembrook
Nearby: Gembrook

Containing a range of forest types, the Park is mostly known for its kiln, built during the Second World War to make charcoal for gas producer units fitted to cars. Patented and developed by Professor E E Kurth, the ‘producer gas’ was a substitute for petrol, heavily rationed at the time.

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The park has several plant communities ranging from Mountain Ash forest and riparian forest to shrubby foothill forest and swamp heathland. The diversity of plant life attracts a range of wildlife including Wombats, Swamp Wallabies and Echidnas.

Active mostly at night are Possums, Yellowbellied Gliders, Sugar Gliders and Greater Gliders that glide for up to 100 metres from tree to tree. Keep a lookout for Lyrebirds, Honeyeaters, Parrots, Kookaburras, Yellowtailed Black Cockatoos, Currawongs and Butcherbirds.

Horse and Mountain Bike Riding Circuit
Starting from Scout Camp Track at Kurth Kiln Picnic and Camping Ground follow Water Channel Track (which crosses Gembrook Launching Place Road) to Spencer Track.

Follow Spencer Track to Tentpole Road and turn left before entering Soldiers Road. At the intersection of Toms Track turn left and ride to Beenak Road via Gembrook Launching Place Road, Kurth Kiln, Wood Duck and Gilwell Tracks. From here you head along Shepherds Creek Road.

The last leg of your journey returns to Kurth Kiln via Shepards Creek Road, Boundary Road, Possum Trap and Beenak Road.

Download Kurth Kiln Trail Map