Mount Dandenong Arboretum


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The Mount Dandenong Arboretum extends over 16 hectares and contains a collection of maturing deciduous trees and conifers from around the world.

Enjoy quiet walks under muture conifers and exotic trees.

Sixteen hectares near Mount Dandenong was set aside in 1928 to establish an arboretum of national significance featuring conifers and deciduous trees. The Australian horticultural community supported the establishment of the arboretum by donating most of the original plants. The collection includes spectacular trees from around the world including eight that are listed in the National Trust’s significant tree register. Recognising that there are several arboreta in Australia that feature northern hemisphere collections, it was agreed in 1999 to gradually focus the collection on southern hemisphere conifers that would create a unique visitor experience with greater botanical significance.

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