Retrospective - Empire by Rone - Burnham Beeches

Part exhibition, part installation, part Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experience, EMPIRE by RONE combined art, vision, sound, light, botanical design and scent in a multi-sensory experience.

rone, her bedroom, empire, Dandenong Ranges,

Set amongst the decaying glory of art deco mansion, Burnham Beeches in Victoria’s stunning Yarra Ranges, Empire was Australia’s internationally renowned artist Rone’s most ambitious takeover yet.


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For the past 20 years Burnham Beeches, which was the grand, country hills home of the Nicholas family of the Aspro dynasty, has sat empty and waiting. Enter street artist Rone and his team with a vision to transform this iconic mansion into something you will only ever have one chance to see! One of the most fascinating homes in greater Melbourne was home – for a limited time  – to one of the most disruptive and awe-inspiring large scale art installations ever experienced.

Empirewas a captivating envelopment of the senses, the heart and the mind. Discover the liminal beauty between the magnificent and the decayed at this exhibition in which twelve rooms where more than 500 pieces of furniture and decorations have been hand picked and curated to reflect a story of time lost. From grand pianos that have weathered in the storm, to abandoned dinner parties and upturned glasses – this immersive experience had no equal. Every moment you wandered the grand halls and rooms had been created to affect you - specially blended scents enhance the moodiness of rooms, evocative soundscapes ripple through the walls and floors, and atmospheric lighting effects cast deep shadows and illuminate crystalline cobwebs. Water created darkened pools reflecting large scale murals, branches invade hallways. Every spec of dirt and dust had been thought about.

rone library, Dandenong Ranges, empire

Ther was also a VR component.  

ORne, empire, Dandenong Ranges, virtual reality

Afterwards, spend time in the gallery admiring the full size photographic works where limited edition prints, postcards and official programs are available for purchase while you enjoy a quiet drink (evening sessions only) with local heroes Four Pillars GinInnocent Bystander wines and Hargreaves Hill ready to enjoy. During the day The Piggery Cafe at Burnham Beeches (adjacent) is a perfect destination for coffee and meals.

We are incredibly fortunate to be able to experience this artist and his work right here in the Dandenong Ranges at the iconic Burnham Beeches.

 Burnham Beeches, exterior, Alfred Nicholas, Dandenong Ranges, Art Deco mansion, Sherbrooke