Sherbrooke Art Society

Sherbrooke Art Society was founded in 1966, and is located in Belgrave.

The Art Gallery has a constantly changing display of around 200 works for sale. The Society, also runs workshops and classes. Visit the website for further information on classes.

Visit the website for details on major exhibitions are held throughout the year.

Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Monday 11am – 4pm

Sherbrooke Forest Inspiration 

On mountain top, high above valleys of sunlit-white, swirling mists, stands Sherbrooke Forest.

Secret springs, trickle into small streams, dewy mosses glisten with sparkling diamond drops. Impossibly lime-green, fern fronds are lit by gentle strokes of sunlight filtering through the canopy. A drying leafery of pinks and orange-golds; a red-earthy; and a living-greenery make up the forest floor. Warm light splashes the skyward tree trunks with colour and dancing intricate patterns of leaf-tracery. The last rays of afternoon sunshine paint strong gold and orange stripes of the tall eucalypts amidst the mystery of purple blue and green forest shadows.

 At this forest edge, beside a stream, sits a charming and unassuming building where the artists gather.

The Artists at Work

All about us are views to inspire, and yet we travel to find beauty and inspiration inside ourselves. A painting can be a gentle stroll, or an epic journey, the place at which you arrive, can be as much a surprise to the artist, as to the viewer.

An original artwork, is the many steps it took to get there. It is the life experiences of the artist, but it is also the viewer’s interpretation through a lens of their own making.

Come and share our journey and inspiration at Sherbrooke Gallery.


A wide range of original artworks are on display. Contemporary and traditional styles of painting are exhibited all year round from members of Sherbrooke Art Society. Several feature exhibitions are held as part of the calendar of special events. Artist demonstrations are given each month and a range of tutors are available for art classes.

Looking for some Arts and Culture nearby? Art Lives Here at Burrinja Cultural Centre.

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