Tall Trees Studio

Tall Trees Studio is located in beautiful Olinda, located on Mt Dandenong in the Dandenong Ranges, just over 50 kms North East of Melbourne.  

The shop also houses the Studio/Workshop of Helene Campbell, a Gold & Silversmith specialising in contemporary handcrafted jewellery and small object for the handcrafted jewellery devotee.

Helene designs and manufacture one off pieces for retail and her custom clients, matching stones with differing materials and techniques.. A lot of Helene's designs are influenced by the Dandenong's, the stones she uses or various other creative influences both traditional and modern.

The Studio can be summed up as - "Eclectic by Nature & Style"

As well showcasing Helene's work and housing her Workshop, inside Tall Trees Studio you will find an eclectic array of carefully curated items from other local Artisans including Jewellery , Pottery, Ceramic's, Paintings, Nuno & Wet Felted wear,, hand made Cards and so much more.....

Opening Hours: 
Monday to Wednesday 11 to 3pm Thursday to Sunday 10 to 5pm