Published 18 March 2020

Slip away from the day-to-day on a mindful escape from the city to the Yarra Valley or Dandenong Ranges. Preserve your health – physical and mental – by tucking in at a secluded location, where fresh air and distance are plentiful.


Accommodation providers in the region are well equipped in the art of private seclusion and adhere to the highest of hygiene standards. And then some. With fresh laundered bed linens, sparkling bathrooms, and impeccable room cleans, the ability to create a home away from the city crowds has never been more ‘safe’ or more compelling.  

If you need a period of self-isolation whether by choice or necessity, a simple cottage, a self contained apartment or a luxurious bed and breakfast accommodation destination may be a comfortable alternative. Or you may just need a break and seek reassurance that the extra precautions you are taking at home will be mirrored wherever you lay your head.

And if the 24-hour news cycle is more than you can bear, and a digital detox is your number one priority, simply ask your accommodation  for a wifi-free option and truly step away from the overwhelm.

Once you’ve settled into your  Dandenong Ranges accommodation, a few additional comforts might be in order.

Here are 5 ideas:

Home delivery so you can stay in

Packaged meals, takeaway wines, home delivery – many restaurants and wineries are now offering delivery to your door so you don’t need to leave ‘home’.

Connection to the world  

Check if your destination has Internet and streaming services – you won’t be the first person to catch up with some TV series bingeing. WIFI access will ensure you can still work if needed or keep in touch with extended family. 

Nurturing times

Many accommodation destinations have extensive gardens so you can get a little fresh air outdoors, and may even have vegetable gardens and orchards so you can pick and prepare fresh food in your accommodation kitchen.

Practice Mindfulness

Beyond the peace and quiet, the birds will sing and the opportunities will be right in front of you for stillness and calm. Guaranteed there will be less distractions! Start with a meditation practice (there’s an app for that) and spend more time in quiet contemplation. Take the opportunity to conduct a ‘life review’ and set some fresh goals for when everything gets back to ‘normal’. You can also stream online yoga classes or work out programs to do ‘at home’.

Catch up with your self

Got a TBR pile (To Be Read)? Time to grab that book stack and find a comfy chair with view.  Reading is one of the best ways to pass the time and some accommodation providers have bookshelves full of reading material you can borrow.  The local bookshop will home deliver too.  If you’re more than one in isolation, pack the board games.

Step out by stepping into a midweek, weekend, or, let’s face it, two-week stay away that makes the most of every situation.